Two laws sanctified and given to man by a loving creator are being challenged by man.
1.  Marriage  2. Sabbath
It is time for God's children to recognize the season we 
are living in. The year 2017 is representative of such a season!

God's Indemnity: Would 2017 Find you SCALPED or Fully Covered?

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Signs of the Times

Posted by Cheryl on July 6, 2015 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Each day it seems we are rapidly moving towards the final climax of this earth's existence. I am fully convinced If there ever was a time to prepare for the second coming of the Lord, the time is now. The change of the two significant laws, which recognizes God as creator and celebrates love are being trampled on. It is no secret this signifies that we are nearing the time when the son of perdition will be presented to the world. Yes, we will very shortly see the son of perdition st...

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