Two laws sanctified and given to man by a loving creator are being challenged by man.
1.  Marriage  2. Sabbath
It is time for God's children to recognize the season we 
are living in. The year 2017 is representative of such a season!

God's Indemnity: Would 2017 Find you SCALPED or Fully Covered?

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God's Indemnity

Why prepare for the Lord's soon return

For thousands of years, many individuals have repeatedly made the following statement: “We are living in the last days.” This statement has been used so much that it no longer has the intended impact, which is to stimulate a lifestyle change in individuals. I have friends who upon hearing that statement often retort, “Really? My grandmother and her grandmother said the same thing, yet the world has not ended.” This may be true; however, it will not be long before Immanuel returns to put an end to this very corrupt world.